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If you're looking to book your session or have any questions, fill out the form listed below and I will get back with you within a day or two. 

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You deserve to have the most perfect day.

  • Shooting at sunrise or sunset?
    This one is tough! It really depends on a few things: -Availability of the photographer AND the client -Personal preference of the client -The time of year (this, this, this!) If I had to choose one I would choose sunset because I tend to gravitate towards the warmer side of photos and clients tend to be a little more awake.
  • What's in my camera bag?
    I shoot with a Canon R6 as my main camera. Mirrorless has seriously been a game changer! My second camera that tags along is a Canon 5D MIII. Lenses: 35mm 1.4 (This one is my jam!) 50mm 1.4 85mm 1.4 24-70 2.8
  • How would I describe my editing style?
    The best way to describe my style would be warm and bright (ish). I love the colors that I work with BUT I try to keep images closer to natural. When you print your wedding photos, I don't wish for them to look like they have a filter overtop.
  • What is my favorite event to shoot?
    My personal favorite would have to be weddings (even though I do love all types of sessions). I love running around to capture moments from one of your most amazing days. If you're okay with your photographer dancing across the dance floor capturing your memories, I'm your girl! But seriously, I can give you ALL of the suggestions for songs to get your guests out of their seats!
  • What is the ONE song that gets your guests/photographer on the dance floor every single time?
    I Wanna Dance With Somebody -Whitney Houston Trust me.
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